Small compressors up to 1.6 m3

The “Swiss Army Knife” of construction compressors

Versatile, reliable and easy to transport: our small compressors are suitable for even the smallest cargo platforms and cope with any work task thanks to the quality motors and extremely resistant PE outer casings.

  • with maximum pressures between 7 and 15 bar (model M13 – M17)
  • In the version for 15 bar, ideal for the trenchless laying of optical cables (model M17)
  • Also with 400 V electric motor (variants – on E models)
  • for special requirements to the quality of the compressed air, there are separate supporting structures for cooled and technically degreased compressed air.

Your benefits

  • Fast anywhere:
    With their compact housing dimensions and operating weight of only around 200 kg, our small compressors can be loaded easily and compactly, for example in a small van.
  • Intuitive control concept:
    At Kaeser, we attach great importance to easy-to-understand control elements. This avoids expensive downtime caused by the required training time.
  • Long service life and quiet operation:
    The agglomerated polyethylene housings offer optimal noise and impact protection.

Convenient construction for transportation

The compressor can be lifted by hand on the four ergonomic handles and loaded into the vehicle.

Very maneuverable

  • Compact design
  • Low center of gravity
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • The long folding handle allows for easy maneuvering

Easy maintenance

We attach great importance to easy management and optimal accessibility of all support points. The result is low service costs and fast and high operational readiness of the facility.

As an option, it is available with compressed air preparation

Cooled compressed air without condensate

M13, M15 and M17 can also be used with external compressed air preparation. From the factory, the equipment of the latest generation is prepared with:

  • 12 V electrical connection to the air cooler fan power supply
  • Connection for draining the separated condensate (for equipment with a gasoline engine, it evaporates with the help of hot exhaust gases, and for equipment with an electric motor, it is collected in a built-in tank)
  • The supporting structure with an additional compressed air cooler (approx. 16 kg) or with an additional filter combination (approx. 22 kg), has fixedly installed connecting piping for compressed air, fan power supply and condensate discharge. They should only be connected to the compressor prepared for the purpose.

Drive options: gasoline engine or electric motor

Gasoline engines up to 15 bar

The impressive performance of the petrol engine models is achieved by the large fuel tank and the constant adjustment of the flow rate: it adapts the flow rate to the compressed air needs. This further reduces the fuel consumption of the already economical machine.

  • Great durability 
  • With little expense 
  • Continuous regulation of the flow rate 

Electric motors up to 15 bar

MOBILAIR electric construction compressors show their power where very quiet operation is required and, above all, there should be no emission of exhaust gases. With them, possible restrictions affecting the use of internal combustion engines can be avoided in an elegant way.

  • Silent and without exhaust gases 
  • Ideal for indoor use 
  • With pole reversal switch