About Us

Sigma Bulgaria AD was established in 2005 and is a member of Saracakis Group of Companies.

Since 2007, Sigma is the dealer of VOLVO CE for Bulgaria offering the full range of construction equipment of the brand, original VOLVO oils, filters, and spare parts, along with after sales services, on a B2B basis all over the country. Our cooperation with VOLVO CE is one of the most long-standing cooperation of our industry in Bulgaria.

Except VOLVO CE, Sigma has established cooperation with further high esteemed and quality international manufacturers, who are supplementary to our range and their products are addressed to the same industries we are approaching.

Sigma Bulgaria is closing almost 2 decades of operations and is established among the leaders of Bulgarian market for General Purpose and Production Equipment, approaching all big manufacturers and contractors.

Our customers’ requirements are our priority. We are focused on offering the best solution for each customer’s application, aiming at the Total Cost of Ownership rather than a fast solution.

We are building partnerships, not only customer relationships.