Our People Behind the Successful Business Action of Saracakis Group of Companies

At Sigma Bulgaria, we rely on the knowledge, abilities and individual efforts of our people. Irrespective of the position in the company hierarchy, we recognize that staying at the forefront of developments, in the constantly changing and competitive environment of the automotive sector, is due to the loyalty, commitment and team effort of our people.

Our target is to attract, develop and keep qualified people, investing in their professional development and rewarding their performance.

We expect from our human resources to embrace the conviction that the good cooperation and the focus on a common target are essential elements for the future success of our compny. We anticipate that our people possess professionalism, customer-centric approach, patience and perseverance, interest for continuous learning, dynamism and vigilance, flexibility, and team spirit, so that the targets for offering high quality services are achieved and at the same time our successful presence in the automotive sector is secured.