Given that our people are our driving force, we commit to providing them a working environment where meritocracy prevails, as well as attractive prospects of development, depending on the knowledge and abilities they possess and their personal pursuits.

In Human Resources Department of Sigma Bulgaria, we plan and implement modern management systems for the growth and development of our organization, securing a meritocratic and humancentric working environment, that nurtures a high level of commitment to our people.

For this reason, we place great emphasis on the following fields:

  • Target setting and performance evaluation per job position,based on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound) targets. Target setting takes place in the 1st quarter of each year and performance evaluation 12 months after the target setting. The targets are set jointly by the employee and his supervisor and approved by the Business Unit Managers, with the support of the Human Resources Department for quality control of this procedure. Every job position is connected, through target setting, with either a commission scheme, or an annual bonus scheme.
  • Award and recognition, once every year,of selected employees who distinguished themselves for their excellent performance or model behaviour, according to the principles and values of our Group.
  • Multiple opportunities for career development,either towards the Management of large teams (Management positions) or towards High specialisation (Specialist positions), through internal promotion. Given that Saracakis Group has companies not only in Bulgaria, but also in Greece and Romania, career opportunities extend to all these geographic areas.
  • Multiple opportunities for training,making good use of parallel methods such as training academies, electronic training platforms, experiential learning and systematic coaching, especially for newly hired employees or employees whose next professional step involves a more demanding position.
  • Full or part time subsidy of long-term training programs,in cooperation with external educational organisations and academic institutions, for selected employees who have exhibited a steady high performance and model professional behaviour.
  • High level technical trainingfor the Mechanics. The technical training offered to our people from the manufacturers themselves (VOLVO Construction Equipment and others) is equally world-class.