Large compressors up to 34 m3

Reliable, in continuous operation mode, with excellent environmental parameters

Whether as individual units or grouped together: our large compressors ensure the highest air quality at maximum operational readiness,  because they are designed in advance for long-term operation. The outstanding balance of consumer and environmental performance is ensured by the latest generation of engine and control technology.

  • Maximum pressure up to 14 bar
  • Compressed air preparation option
  • Various chassis and stationary variants
  • GPS Fleet Management option
  • Refinery equipment option

Your benefits

  • Future-proof and environmentally friendly:
    The modern Mercedes-Benz diesel engine with SCR catalyst fulfills the requirements of the European emission standard IIIB (M350) and IV (M250).
  • Energy-saving fan:
    Fan speed control with visco-coupling, adapted to the needs, saves up to 5% fuel.
  • Minimal downtime:
    The M250 and M350 run smoothly for an entire shift without recharging, and their maintenance saves a lot of time.